7 Signs of a Quality E Cigarette

1) Good quality batteries. Quality batteries that last are a hallmark of a good e cigarette. A quality battery will give you at least 300 puffs worth of vaping, which should see you through a whole day of vaping before you have to recharge.  The battery should also be durable and look well-made. You don’t want to be worrying whether your battery will fall apart in your pocket or case.

2) Lots of options of recharging. Quality electronic cigarettes usually come with a wall adapter and car adapter at least, and some come with a recharge personal case and a USB charger as well. Having lots of options on hand ensures you can always recharge your battery without minimal fuss.

3) Ease of use. Quality e cigarettes come with clear instructions and are easy to use. Two-piece systems should come together easily and should be ready to go in seconds. Three piece systems should also fit together seamlessly. Many vaping fans prefer the two-piece cartomizer system because you enjoy a fresh atomizer with each cartridge. No matter what system you choose, though, it should work seamlessly with little to no fussing.

4) Good flavor and lots of flavor choices. Quality e cigarette companies are known for good quality flavor and for offering a range of flavor choices. Look for companies that have natural ingredients in their flavorings. When you try an e cig, the flavor should be true-to-life, with no strange aftertaste.

5) Smoke volume. The vapor exhaled with electronic cigarettes is water vapor, not second-hand smoke. If you have been smoking traditional cigarettes, you may want to have a high smoke volume.

6) Long cartomizer life. If you choose the 2-piece cartomizer system, your cartomizer should last at least 340 puffs before it needs to be replaced. Cartomizers that last longer mean more value for your money and a more pleasant vaping experience.

7) Good customer service. Although electronic cigarettes can actually save you money when compared with traditional cigarettes, they are still and investment – and you still want to get value for your money. In order to do that, make sure that the manufacturer of your e cigs is known for good customer service. Can you reach them easily if you have a problem with the product? What is the warranty like? Read the fine print carefully: some companies promise lifetime warranties but have lots of limits and restrictions. Make sure that if you need help with your e cigs that you can get assistance.

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