7 Factors to Consider While Choosing Your E-Cigarette

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When you decide what electronic cigarette you prefer, there are a number of choices you will need to consider when buying your first starter packs or e cigarettes. Some of the factors are as follows:

1) The type of e cigarette. There are three basic types of e cigarettes: the cartridge system, the cartomizer system and the e-liquid system. In the cartridge system, e cigarettes come in three pieces: an atomizer, a pre-filled cartridge, and a battery. To assemble, place a cartridge in the atomizer and attach it to the battery. These e cigarettes are popular because they are convenient and easy to use. E-liquid systems are similar but come with blank cartridges that you can fill yourself with e-liquid. While it can take some practice, e-liquid systems allow you more control over flavor and strength. They are also more affordable. The cartomizer system includes two pieces that are screwed together. Unlike the cartridge system, in this system the heating element is in the center of the cartomizer, which allows for superior vaporization. This type of e cigarette is refillable, although the cartomizers do not last as long as cartridges.

2) Flavor. There are a range of flavors to choose from and you can switch flavors fairly easily if you get pre-filled cartridges or e liquids. You can even blend your own flavors if you opt for e liquids. Electronic cigarette flavors range from traditional tobacco and menthol flavors to many fruit and drink flavors. Some companies and brands have a wider range of flavors than others.

3) Nicotine Density. The best way to decide this is to consider what you currently smoke with traditional cigarettes. If you smoke a great deal, 16mg may be the right density. If you are a light smoker, 6mg might be more appealing. If you are a medium-heavy smoker, 11 mg may be a good choice. Good ecigs provide a system which enables smokers to quit so if you are trying to quit smoking entirely, you may want to experiment with lower nicotine density or even try nicotine-free e cigs.

4) Brand. There are a range of e cigarette brands, each with their own image. Some cater exclusively to female vapers while others have a tough-guy image or an eco-friendly image. Good brands provide a great e cigarette for both males and females! When selecting brands, what is most important is finding a company that provides the types of electronic cigarettes that you are looking for.

5) Style. Styles range from huge e cigarettes with titanium finishes to bright colors to feminine-looking cigarettes with high-fashion accessories. If style is important to you, look for a brand with the look you want. Many brands will also let you customize the look of your e cigarette with accessories, colorful cartridges, LED lights, and other style options.

6) Battery. E cigarettes can come with a manual battery or an automatic battery. The manual battery comes on when you press a button while auto batteries, as their name suggests, come on when you inhale on the e cigarette. Many manufacturers have been favoring automatic batteries for their convenience, so auto batteries may be easier to find. The battery life of good ecigs are long lasting, giving you a longer vaping experience.

7) Accessories. Some accessories make your vaping experience more enjoyable. If you travel a lot, for example, a car charger or a recharge pack can come in handy. If you work by a computer, a USB e cigarette can help you save on battery life while enjoying your vaping experience more.
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