Welcome. You must be wondering what an e cigarette is and how does it work. Here we will provide you with all the information you need before switching from any of the smoking products you use to a healthier, tastier

and a cheaper way of smoking – electronic cigarettes, with special thanks to the Ecigarette Group.org for their research.

Keep in mind, that even though we refer to using electronic cigarettes as “smoking“, you don’t actually smoke them as e-cigarettes do not have to be lighten up, they do not burn, there’s no tobacco in them, etc. So, first of all let’s look at how an e-cigarette differs form traditional smoking products like cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes, etc.

These terms will give you a better understanding of the structure of an electronic cigarette:Cartridge – a mouthpiece where nicotine is held. (three-piece e-cigarette brands: Premium Electronic Cigarette, ENVY)

Atomizer – a heating element that produces smoke-like vapor.

Cartomizer – a cartridge joined with an atomizer (two-piece e-cigarette brands: Blu Cig, Cigarti)

Battery – a power supply for your e-cigarette.Tip – a small LED Headlight that lights up when you take “a puff“.

kinds of ecigs

E-cigarettes VS Traditional Smoking Products

The main difference between the e-cigarette and the rest of the smoking products is that electronic smoking devices do not burn. Instead, they have atomizers which are activated once a person takes a “drag“ or a “puff“ and this way the smoke-like vapor is produced.

After the person takes a puff, the atomizer turns off – that’s also very important, because once you light up a traditional cigarette, you have to smoke it. Otherwise, it will simply burn out. E-cigarettes allow you to take a single “puff“ and then not smoke for as long as you like. That’s an efficient way to quit smoking. It’s also economic as you do not have to charge your batteries very often.

Now let’s take a look at the structure of an e-cigarette and how do e-cigs work. In addition, when discussing various choices you can make before you pick an e-cig, we will provide the names of particular brands that fit the choice. Therefore, it will be easier for you to make the right decision.

E-cig Structure: Tip, Cartridge, Atomizer and a Battery

You already know the main parts of the e-cig: Cartridge, Atomizer and the Battery. At the end you can also see the Tip (a small LED headlight) that lights up when a person takes “a puff”. However, with most of the brands e-cig Tip does not serve any purpose except that is looks nice when you smoke. While some developers make their e-cigs look like traditional cigarettes, the majority of ecig producers have various tips to choose from such as Blu Cig (red, blue tips).

The Cartridge

The e-cig cartridges consist of two parts – the container and the inhaler. Containers hold the nicotine and when you take „a puff“ they release it bit by bit. The nicotine in your e-cig is usually held either in a nicotine container which you can refill with e-liquid or in a disposable cartridge that equals from 1 pack (like Premo e-cig) up to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes (such as E-Lites E80 e-cig or E-cig Deluxe). The inhaler is joined with the container which is simply an empty tube in the end of an e-cig for the smoke-like vapor to travel to your mouth.

The Atomizer

The most electronically complicated part of an e-cigarette is the Atomizer. In some e-cigs it is joined with the cartridge to form a cartomizer (Blu Cig, Cigarti). In such case the e-cig atomizer is disposable. Traditionally, e-cig refills do cost a bit more but the e-cig produces more vapor and you do not have to worry about the quality – it always stays the best.

In other e-cigs the atomizers are separate from the cartridges (Premium Electronic Cigarette, ENVY) so the atomizer is reusable while the cartridges are disposable (or may be refilled with e-liquid). Some ecig developers let you choose between both types: cartridges + atomizers and cartomizers. One developer that gives you this choice is South Beach Smoke. Remember, even if your e-cig is a 3-piece and your atomizer is reusable – from time to time you will have to change atomizers as they wear our or get clogged. The Atomizer consists of control circuit, pneumatic airflow sensor switch, vaporizer and some other small electronic parts. The Vaporizer is the most important one as it generates the smoke-like vapor which you inhale/exhale when you smoke your e-cigarette. Pneumatic switch is also a very important part of your e-cig as it turns the vaporizer on and off.

The Battery

The most frequently used power supply for your e-cig is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged when you switch it to a car charger, a wall charger or a USB charger. But some e-cig developers have created special carrying cases (or Personal Carry Cases, or PCC) that can recharge your e-cigs on the go. This feature is available for the Blu Cig, Nirvana’s ENVY and Smokeless Delite Premo e-cigarette.

The e-cig battery is usually white (in order to look similar to the traditional cigarettes). But more creative developers have designed more colorful e-cig Starter Kits as well as a variety of skins among accessories to purchase later on.

For example, the Blu Cig can be traditional orange-white as well as black, Cigarti gives you 100 skins to choose from when you purchase your e-cigarette Starter Kit, SS Choice No.7 and Lucy are designed black, and Smokeless Delite has white, black and pink e-cigarette batteries to choose from. Keep in mind, that most of the e-cigs are activated automatically when the person inhales while others have small switches on a battery that turn them on/off.

So that’s about everything you need to know about the structure of an e-cig. We hope it helped you understand how e-cigarettes work and why it is crucial for you to kick the old habit and switch to a better way of smoking. Once you do switch, help those around you to make the right choice and switch from traditional smoking products, to electronic cigarettes as well.

Pros + Cons

Pro: You can smoke in buses, restaurants, schools, universities etc.

E-cig australia users don’t bother others with their smoking. This means that you will be able to enjoy your e-cigarette wherever you are. This is a big advantage to the traditional tobacco version, especially during the colder months. I don’t think any of us enjoy standing out in the cold with a cigarette, while others are enjoying their drink inside the warm pub. An e-liquid user won’t have that problem.
Con: Won’t he?

Some countries are already working on banning e-cigarettes in some places. This means an e-cigarette user may not, for example, be able to e-smoke in public transport. These regulations will probably be becoming stricter as the new way of smoking becomes more popular. All e-cigarettes australia users beware! The potential fines may not be a nice surprise.

Pro: E-cig users pay less

Buying an e-cigarettes is a one-time expense. The only future expense will be the e-liquid refill. This is not very costly and in the long run definitely will turn out to be cheaper than normal cigarettes.

Con: The e-cig is not perfect

As all electronic devices the e-cigarette is bound to fail one day. Maybe that’s going to be the day that the electronic cigarette user needs it the most. That certainly won’t be a nice experience. You need to be ready to pay a few dollars extra from time to time to acquire a new device. Also there might be some problems with the availability of e-cigs. Tobacco is available pretty much everywhere, whereas the e-liquid still isn’t.

Pro: No bad smell and no bad breath

Everyone knows that smoking makes your clothes smell horrible. An electronic cigarette user won’t have that problem. The e-smoke is odorless. This also means no bad breath, white teeth and nails.

Con: Is there any con to this?

The only one I can think of is that in some subcultures the smell of cigarette smoke is a sign of being cool. Sorry electronic cigarette user…

To sum up: I think that the pros are more important here than cons. The e-cigarette may not yet be perfect, but it’s a pretty good alternative to the harmful tobacco cigarettes. It’s also a fairly good way to quit smoking. Switching to e-cigarettes will definitely be a step in the right direction if you’re planning on quitting sometime. Most of electronic cigarettes users are happy with the choice they made. And most of them are planning to fully quit smoking sooner or later.
Pro: The e-cigarette is less harmful

The e-cigarette doesn’t contain most of the harmful substances that the regular cigarette does. The e-liquid isn’t as toxic as tobacco. It does contain nicotine though, which isn’t the healthiest of substances. An e-liquid australia user will probably be less prone of getting cancer or other illnesses.
Con: The e-cigarette can still cause damage to your system

It hasn’t yet been proven that there are no side effects to e-smoking. Some scientists reckon that it can also be harmful and others are even saying that it will cause more damage to e-cigarette australia users than the standard tobacco cigarette. As the electronic cigarette is a fairly new invention, it will take time to see what are the real results of e-smoking.

Pro: It comes in different shapes, sizes and colors

E-cig users have a variety of types to choose from. There are white, black, brown and more color options. There are short and long cigarettes. You can acquire a slim or fat smoke. Pretty much anything an electronic cigarette user desires.

Con: It’s still less handy than a normal cigarette

It feels like you’re carrying a pretty big pen around with you. E-cigarette users might sometimes find it hard to put it somewhere comfortable. Still, it is a matter of discussion whether a pack of 20 smokes is more handy.

Pro: You can choose your favorite flavor of e-liquid

Menthol, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, strong, mild and so on – there are many types and flavors of the e-liquid to suit the taste of an e-liquid user.

Con: Not everyone likes the taste of e-liquid smoke

It’s definitely different than tobacco smoke and tobacco taste. The smoke is really a kind of steam. This isn’t such a problem though. The real problem is that a lot of electronic cigarette australia users really complain about the taste. It’s hardly anything like the taste they are used to. An average e-cigarette user will accept the taste, but it will never be the perfect substitute.What can cause headache smoking?  admin        October 15, 2012

Shocking and effective?Data from Canada, where the photographs were introduced, say the drop in the number of smokers. But even the most shocking pictures posted on cigarette packs will not affect the ecig. It may, after all, give a thought to, and to be a contribution to the decision to quit smoking. The most important is the social awareness of the consequences of addiction to tobacco. If the images or labels on cigarette packs to discourage smoking even one person, it would mean that it is worth introducing to the general public.

What can cause headache smoking?

Smoking can cause pain with a very different character. Tobacco smoke causes migraine attacks, increases the frequency of cluster headaches, and increases the symptoms of almost all headaches.Smoking, both active and passive, can cause headaches. Nicotine, as one component of cigarette smoke, cerebral vasodilation, which constrict the surrounding nerve cells and thereby causes a headache.Tobacco smoke stimulates the nerve endings at the back of the throat, leading the agitation which can also cause headaches. In general, withdrawal or restriction of smoking in a smoke-filled room residence causing reduction in the incidence of this type of headache.
Cigarette smoking and migraineThe negative effects of cigarette smoke also said in the context of migraine headaches. Migraine is characterized by unilateral pain, pulsating nature with nausea, photophobia, hypersensitivity to sounds and smells. People affected by this disease usually can easily specify triggers an attack of pain.

The factors that cause migraine attacks include:

• foods such as chocolate, some kinds of cheese, fatty foods

• alcohol• tobacco smoke

• women – hormonal changes,

• pregnancy,

• Physical and mental load,

• the impact of the environment, such as strong wind and bright light stress

• Quitting smoking and avoiding smoky places can be one of the elements to protect against too frequent migraine attacks.

What situations can trigger migraine attack? As tobacco smoke affects the occurrence of cluster headaches?Smoking also plays a large role in the formation of cluster headache. It is a very strong one-sided headache, usually located in the area of the eye, the frontal lobe, temporal lobe, neck and neck. It is the nature of burning, stinging. Symptoms associated with the tearing of the eye, conjunctival congestion, runny nose, swelling of the eyelids, eyelid ptosis, pupil of the eye, the collapse of the eyeball to the eye socket, sweating and redness of the skin of the face on the side of pain, the general agitation and hyperactivity.This type headache in migraine unlike more common in men.

Good to know: Is hemoptysis is lung cancer?What reaction? The whole idea caused a huge social movement. Photos are often very drastic and not everyone can see them. Some people are too sensitive. And cigarettes are widely available commodity – you can buy them in almost any kiosk or shop. Exhibited in these areas may also recall eyes of those who do not smoke and who do not wish to view photographs of horrible cancer. The problem applies particularly to children.
There are also some people happy with this turn of events. In their opinion, this type of practice will definitely deter smokers from cigarettes beginners. The more that are increasingly younger people.Another line of thinking …In recent months, the European Union proposed to unify the appearance of packages of cigarettes. All have to be white, bearing large black lettering, informing about the dangers of smoking. Cigarette Trade name will be printed in black-and-white small font. The largest protest in this case contend that tobacco companies, according to which it is an attack on their commercial activities, we have been fully legal and socially acceptable. Unfortunately tobacco companies are not required to do this in the United States. Learn more on our blog, get ahold of us through our contact page, read our privacy page or search our sitemap.